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Ever-changing as a strategy Unfinished Business represents a strategy for the Hakfort area, bringing together global developments and local needs, while taking into account an uncertain future. This new approach is needed, because the individual is increasingly incapable of identifying oneself with the enormous complexity and global trends of today’s world. Yet these ever-changing global developments form the starting point of this strategy; recognising their influence and relevance and use them to empower local communities.

People prefer doing things that give meaning It is about constantly looking forward, but at the same time acknowledge that we don’t foresee the future. Design should accommodate a range of future possibilities. A flourishing environment houses people and communities that feel understood and experience support fróm this environment in realising their potential. This potential is always present, as sociologist Richard Sennett points out: “human beings don’t prefer doing nothing. They prefer to do things that give meaning instead.”

A people-centred, inclusive environment This proposal aims to support every possible initiative and individual by creating a fair playing field with various entry levels. To ensure a people-centred, inclusive environment we devise three principles that form the fundament of our design strategy. These principles are generic in their essence, but become specific when combined with the local circumstances, culture and ambition.

The Unfinished Business strategy leads to real estate that is based on robust global trends and flexibly, accommodating local, bottom up developments. The ultimate goal is to contribute to an inclusive society and foster existing production potential in local communities.

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    Programma: Distributie hub, woningen, winkels, horeca, ateliers
    Locatie: Amsterdam H-BuurtTijdlijn: 2017
    Project team: Raoul Vleugels, Niels Groeneveld i.s.m. Atelier to the Bone